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The Human Way

Good Morning! I hope you are well today!

This is a great poem by my buddy scottishmomus! He has some great poems! I had to share this one, enjoy 🙂

Do you know the good when you see goodAnd feel it, it scent it, sense it,Recognised by actions, wordsSomeone well-intentioned.Do you forgive when somehow formIs broken, errors madeOr jump for joy at fortune’s chanceTo jeer at mistakes done or said.Do you know good and still know goodWhen erring treads their pathRecognise that we all fail, forgiveOr do you laugh,Remark or feel that, justified,You have cause for glee,Dismiss that person callously,It could be you or me.Do you know good and know that goodSometimes makes mistakesBut, in withal, throughout it allGood still stands up straightAnd nothing changes what we’ve done,Or said or thought when wrongBut knowing that it’s understoodHelps us keep on going.Do you do good, strive for goodMost times and most days,Then, rest assured, when good is flawedThat’s the human way. Do you know growth and know that goodness While for good will yearn Without mistakes and learning curvesWe would never learn.

via The Human Way.

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Shoes & how they affect your circulation

Good afternoon! I hope you are well!

Have you ever noticed that everyone wears shoes these days? Well in the past our ancestors didn’t wear shoes, so why do we. The answer is Nike. In the 70’s Nike came out with the running shoe and the craze was on. Next came the Jordan era and shoes became the latest craze. Did anyone stop to think of what these shoes- designed by someone with very little knowledge of the foot- would do to our civilization.This is the typical Nike shoe.

Nike-Zoom-Hyperdistruptor-Mens-Basketball-Shoe-548180_500_ANike does offer a shoe that is better for you and your stability, it is called the Nike free. I wear these everyday!


There are a few negative effects on your health that are solely because you wear shoes. These are:

  1. poor circulation to the feet and legs
  2. decreased balance
  3. increase in knee injuries
  4. increase in ankle injuries
  5. increase in foot issues
  6. increase in back problems
  7. increase in alignment related health issues

The main issue I would like to focus on is circulation. There are 200,000 nerve endings in the foot, 26 bones and 33 joints. The foot is made with so many different parts to equip the body with the ability to balance on any terrain. Each time a step is made on grass or bare earth the foot is put in a different position than the last. There is no perfectly exact step as far as nature goes. Each of these steps is like a massage for your foot if you walk soft enough. with each step, you move many muscles in the foot. With each step in bare feet, circulation is increased in the lower body because when muscles are moved they draw their blood from the heart and when muscles are sedentary the heart pumps blood into the muscles. Therefore, walking barefoot would also decrease stress on the heart muscle.


Shoes and socks put your foot in a constrained, immobile position all day long. The joints in the feet need movement. Without this movement we cannot cultivate proper balance throughout our life. In anything we do a proper foundation is a key to creating a well developed structure. When we do not work our feet or make sure they are getting the proper movement nourishment they need. We cultivate a foundation for ourselves that is unbalanced, unstable on certain terrain and ready to collapse at a moments notice. it does not help our cause that we walk on unnatural flat surfaces made out of concrete or gravel most of the time due to our jobs and industry.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

Take care! God Bless!


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Toxic People and Your Future

Good morning! I hope you are well today!

Always remember people want you to do well, but never better than them.

There are people in this world who are negative, pessimistic, potty mouthed, angry and down right toxic. You know the people I am referring to, these are probably the people it is hard to be around if you are like me. You need to stay away from these people as much as possible. And if these types of people make up your inner circle of friends, get new ones. These people suck the life out of your dreams and your wishes. They believe life is as good as it is going to get so they do nothing to make it better. They believe that life has already happened to them and they have no control.


Well they are wrong, the power is within your grasp right now!

These people want to make sure that you stay where you are so you can’t accomplish your dreams because they have already given up on theirs. Tim Ferris in his book the 4 Hour Workweek states ” we are the average of the 5 people we are closest to.” Naturally this means that if you are around mostly positive people you will be just that, if you are around negative people you will also be just that. So be around positive people or being around no one at all. If you are around no one at all you will be around at least one positive being, GOD.

The key to keeping your dreams alive in this instance is to filter out your information intake. By this I mean that you decide on each piece of information whether it is useful and needed or useless and should be discarded. Then you look at each piece of your life for patterns, if you continually deal with negative people when going somewhere or someplace, stop going and change.  I feel that there are a lot of toxic people around me, I do my best to stay away from these people and if I cannot stay away  I find a way to keep them and myself positive for a change. I have stayed away from many of my friends and family members because of this.

One easy question to decide who should be in your life:

Ask yourself  “does this person benefit me, my life and my goal or do they tear it down?” This helps a bunch!

Bruce lee stated “absorb what is useful, discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.” This says it all when talking to, dealing with, and being around others whether they are toxic or a blessing.


Stay true to yourself, your mission, your goal, and your heart!

Thank you for reading! Have a great Day!

Take care! God Bless!


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Stress eating: your body’s worst enemy, your fast life best friend

Good Day! I hope you are well!

Many people today eat their meals in a rush. They eat food that was grown fast, cooked fast and then to top it all off they eat fast. After eating the feeling is usually that of dissatisfaction and consequent hunger. The digestion of food starts in the mouth, this turns on pleasure receptors in the mouth. If we eat under stress we do not take the time to enjoy the taste of our food which is crucial to feeling full.

When we eat in a crowded place, at the office, in front of a TV or on the go like many, we are turn on the stress response within our body. This is known as the activation of the sympathetic nervous system or the fight or flight response. In this response, your body sends out chemicals telling the body that danger is very near and to be ready to fight or run for life. Naturally in this process all energy is diverted from the center of the body to the limbs of the body so that fighting and sprinting are reaction. Any food that is eaten while in this state will be digested at a supreme detriment to normal absorption, potentially between 80% to 100%. In this state the body jettisons crucial nutrients to conserve and create more readily available energy to fuel survival. Much of food is turned into fat to prepare for long bouts of fight or flight, when eating is not possible.


After taking only 10 deep breaths you will see a change in your mood, tension level and energy. These 10 deep breaths turn your body from a fight or flight state into a healthy state for digestion, a state of equilibrium. This allows for the food to be digested and absorbed as efficiently and completely as possible. Taking 10 deep breaths will also increase metabolic fat burn and energy output from each meal.

patterned_breathingThank you for reading!

Take care!

God Bless!


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We never own our things they own us

Good morning!! I hope you are well today!

Have you ever noticed we are always doing things to take care of our stuff. our precious collectables and memorabilia. Our beautiful cars. The floor, the bathroom, the laundry, the dishes, the trash, and the list goes on and on.

I believe we never ever own our things. We merely borrow them. If anything they own us, and if not us, they own a part of our time. We hold onto or “claim possession” of our things from the time we get them until we die or part ways with the thing. I know a few people who are hoarders, this is an extreme example of this concept. We no matter what cannot take any things form this world with us when we ascend into the spirit world. So why do we give so much power to the “thing”?

The American population has been spoon fed the materialistic lifestyle for over 70 years now. Part of this phenomena is the worship of the Hollywood elite. These people are very smart and talented. I do not discount anyone’s methods because if you are there, they are doing something right. It is the worshiping of these people and the stuff they have that causes problems. Everyone wants the newest this or that. Most of the time this decision is not based out of necessity, but lust to be cool or stand out from the rest.

In our world, Things matter, but not as much as people do and some of our society has lost touch with this concept. They are more concerned with the things they wear, hold, talk into or ride in. Than they are about the people around them and the character of those in their “entourage”.

Thank you for reading! have a great day!

Take Care! God bless!


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The Daily Loan

Good morning! I hope you are well today!

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Each of these seconds is loaned to us by the divine source energy. Each night when we rest we recharge this energy so that we may wake up and carry on with another wonderful day. Each day is a new day with new moments,, new experiences, new opportunities and new people.It is up to you how well, how efficiently and how effective you are going to be with your day because each second is critical.

god gave us

The question is,  will you to take hold of these opportunities and push yourself or stay where you are? It does not take any energy to be insignificant, but it will take everything you have to execute your personal dreams. When you are not reaching for a goal or dream you are committing spiritual suicide. This can only go on for so long.

The length of our life is decided by the wholeness of our life while we are working to accomplish our dreams. if we only work and do not rest we will die young of hypertension and heart attack. If we have only rest we will die young of obesity and heart attack again. The list goes on and on. The key to everything is moderation, my grandma tells me this every time I see her. She thinks I work to much, perhaps she is right, perhaps i am motivated. I started saying Yes.


Start saying yes to your life, yes to your dreams, yes to your opportunities, yes to your unfolding future, and yes to your purpose!

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

Take care ! God bless!